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Oilfield Tubular & Valve Products
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Some Jet Lube ® Products :
Aerosols HDD & Waterwell products Plating, Zinc or Copper, Aerosol
Alco-EP™ 73 Plus Jack Up Leg Lubricants PowR-Kote ®
Anaerobics Jacking System Grease™ Rig Wash Liquid & Powder
Anti-Seize Compounds Jet-Lok® II Run-N-Seal®
API Modified

Jet-Lok® III

Rust inhibitors, Aerosol
Aviation Lubricants

Jet-Lube 21® Double-Duty

Belt Dressing, Aerosol

Jet-Lube® 5000™

Cleaners & Degreasers

Jet-Lube Extreme®

Steel Mill Lubricants
Coating, Pipe & Thread


Storage Compounds, Pipe & Thread
Degreasers & Cleaners

KopR Kote®

Dope Brushes


Thread Locking Compounds
Drill Collar & Tool Joint Compounds KovR Kote® Thread Protectors, Composite
Drill Pipe Dope Lubricants Thread Protectors, Metal

Easy-Clean® Rig Wash

Lubricants, Enviromental Products Thread Sealants
ECF Marine Lubricants Valve Lubricants & Sealants
Enviromental Lubricants Marine MP, Multipurpose Grease Water Well Lubricants
Enviromental Drilling Lubricants

Mining Lubricants

White Knight™
EP Greases


Wire Line Dressing. Aerosol


Nikal® Wire Rope and Open Gear Lubricants
Ezy-Turn® OG-H™, Heavy-Duty Open Gear

WLD™, Wire Rope, Cable and Roller Chain Dressing

Food Grade Lubricants Lubricant

WRL™, Wire Rope and Chain Lubricant (Oil)

Gear Guard™ Penetrants & coatings


Horizontal Directional Drilling Lubricants Pipe storage compound Z-60™
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